Student Projects & Reports

Guidelines for student projects & report submission

Report Style Guide

This document provides detailed instructions on the formating and structure of your student’s reports.

Report Template

The Student Report Template is provided for students so their reports meet the BMSC Student Report Style Guidelines.  The template is designed to ensure that all formatting is consistent, and to save time and frustration.

Report & Data Submission Guide

Below is a guide to preparing student reports and data for submission to the library.

Submit the documents to your TA, who will review your submission and ensure your report and data are correctly formatted.

Guidelines for writing scientific papers

“How to write backwards” – a beginners guide on how to write scientific papers, available through JSTOR, which is available through the on-line catalogues of each of our member universities.

William E. Magnusson 1996. How to Write Backwards. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 77:88–88

License for Works

By voluntarily completing the Licence for Works document, students allow BMSC to make their Work (report, poster, video etc.)  available via the BMSC website.

Signing a Licence for Works does not proclude students from publishing their Work. If students anticipate publishing in Nature or Science, BMSC will embargo the Work until after it is published.