Animal Care – RESEARCH

Guidelines for Researchers

BMSC is committed to the humane and ethical care and use of animals, and adheres to the principle that all research involving animals must be justifiable and have good scientific merit

BMSC complies with Canadian Council on Animal Care Guidelines and policies and with the Russell-Burch tenet of, “reduction, replacement and refinement”.

The BMSC Animal Care Committee (ACC) ensures that all animal users are informed of and comply with institutional animal care and use policies. See the BACC Letter to Researchers (2019).

Animal Use Protocol (AUP) Application Process

1.  Apply for your permit(s):

2. Submit your Animal Use Protocol (AUP) to the BMSC Animal Care Committee via the Coordinator of Animal Care

Please allow for a maximum of 60 days for AUP review.
Submission deadline for all AUPs: March 1st, May 1st, July 1st, and September 1st


Tips for Completing Your AUP:


All personnel working with vertebrates or cephalopods must have completed the required animal user training from their home institution that complies with or exceeds the CCAC approved Part 1 and Part 2 Animal User Training. To access your home institution’s animal user training: 

If you are not affiliated with one of these home institutions, you can still access animal user training through: The Experimental Fish – Canadian Aquaculture Institute

Proof of training must be submitted with your AUP.

All animal users at BMSC will be given an Animal Care orientation upon arrival and prior to any animal collections.

All animal users at BMSC must be trained/oriented by the Animal Care staff and approved by the Coordinator of Animal Care on the proper care of their animals.

Animal Collections Reporting:

BMSC is required by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) and Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) to submit reports of all animals used and collected in research and teaching. All researchers, students and other animal users must report their collections to BMSC.

Report your animal collections here:

OR download this word document, complete, and return to the Animal Care Coordinator.

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Caring for your animals:

For guidelines on species-specific methods of care, refer to: