Multi-disciplinary research at BMSC

BMSC is a leader in multi-disciplinary research, providing a center for collaborative investigation in a diverse array of basic and applied sciences.

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In support of our vision to create an open, collaborative and approachable community of scientists at BMSC, we are hosting our popular research seminar series online.

We continue the tradition of providing the opportunity for students, staff, and researchers to learn about new discoveries being made in various fields of marine science from experts in our community.

A few researchers will be joining us this summer, under strict health and safety guidelines.

2018 2018

University of Victoria

Dr. Rana El-Sabaawi

Assistant Professor

University of British Columbia

University of Calgary

Dr. Heather Jamniczky

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kathreen Ruckstuhl

Associate Professor

University of Alberta

Alex Clifford

Graduate Student

Dr. Amanda Kahn

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Other University

Dr. Carlos Robles

California State Los Angeles

Dr. Don Levitan

Florida State University

Dr. Elizabeth Boulding

University of Guelph

JP Hastey

Owner, Nova Harvest Ltd.
Nova Harvest Ltd.

Dr. Louis Gosselin

Associate Profesor
Thompson Rivers University

Dr. Dan Bolnick

University of Connecticut

Dr. Gary Anderson

Associate Professor
University of Manitoba

Dr. Gudrun De Boeck

University of Antwerp

Dr. Heidi Schutz

Assistant Professor
Pacific Lutheran University