Give the gift of ocean exploration and discovery

At the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, we are passionate about training the next generation of ocean scientists, educators and stewards. Your investment in BMSC research, teaching and learning supports a vision of life-changing exploration and discovery in the coastal and marine sciences.

For over 48 years, BMSC has supported diverse coastal and marine research of the highest calibre and is recognized as among the very best research and training facilities in the world. We provide unparalleled access to the natural and cultural sites where the major scientific questions and challenges of the 21st century persist, including climate change, environmental security, conservation, biodiversity, ocean sustainability and human-ocean interactions. We connect youth and teachers with authentic science learning opportunities through our comprehensive, multi-day field trips and live-dives over the internet. Our award-winning field trips program engages thousands of youth with hands-on field trips and online learning opportunities that make a positive difference. We engage school groups from a diversity of backgrounds and have recently expanded our science programming by engaging students to become curators of regional biodiversity, and through facilitating place-based learning opportunities with local First Nations, to understand the science of natural history, biodiversity and sustainability of the natural world.

These efforts continue to give young students an unmatched opportunity to make genuine discoveries in ocean science and Canadian biodiversity in this breathtaking region. Our five western university partners provide annual financial support to cover basic administration and operational costs. The rest comes from the programs that we offer, and through generous gifts from people like you. From making a contribution now to existing funds that support student learning (Vancouver Foundation) to investing where the need is greatest (Canada Helps), there are many ways for you to give to support this vision. Every charitable gift makes a difference, and every gift is an investment in the ocean learners and leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for your support from all of us in Bamfield.

Sean Rogers, Director

Donations through Canada Helps will be used where the need is the greatest to help us provide unparalleled access to the natural and cultural sites where the major scientific questions and challenges of the 21st century persist.

The Vancouver Foundation manages an endowment fund for BMSC that provides scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who study or conduct research at BMSC. Your donation will connect youth with high impact learning and support the ocean leaders of tomorrow.

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