How do I prepare to operate a boat at BMSC?


To operate small vessels (the Copes) at BMSC, Transport Canada requires the operator to have at a minimum a valid Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) and a valid, a 2-day (16 hrs) First Aid + CPR-C course recognized in B.C.

Boat checkouts and safety training by BMSC foreshore staff are also required prior to the start of your course.

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Students are not required to operate power boats if they don’t want to. Further, some courses do not involve the use of power boats. However, for many courses it is recommended that students obtain a PCOC and appropriate first aid training so they can operate boats. When they arrive at BMSC, every student in possession of a PCOC (or higher marine safety training) and an 2-day First Aid certificate recognized by a province or territory (e.g. Red Cross, St. John’s) is trained to use our power boats, and given the opportunity to practice their skills prior to being given permission to take the boats outside the inlet.