Teaching Assistants

BMSC hires Teaching Assistants for both its Summer and Fall Program courses.

  • Fall Semester TA applications due: June 18, 2021.

Ideal TA applicants are currently registered graduate students familiar with the course content and Barkley Sound.

Applicants from member universities will be given priority.

For field courses that require students to be transported by boats, see “Compulsory Requirements” below.

The ability to make significant contributions to teaching of course material is desirable. Please see detailed Summer Field Courses and Fall Semester course descriptions.

TA positions available:

We are accepting applications for the Fall Program in Marine Sciences:

See detailed course descriptions for more information.


Selection process:

We hire TAs to ensure the safety of our students, offer the highest possible quality of instruction to our students, and support the research mission of BMSC by supporting students that do research here.

  1. BMSC generally offers TAships to candidates recommended by course instructors.
  2. If an instructor does not have a TA in mind, the position is posted.
  3. All applications received by the deadline are forwarded to the instructor for selection keeping the following criteria in mind.
  4. In June 2009, Management Council requested preference for fall TAships be given to graduate students at the five member universities.
  5. In June 2012, Management Council approved the hiring of TAs for summer courses who may not be graduate students. These include recent graduate students, and instructors working for BMSC Field Trips. Preference for summer TAships is given to candidates living in Bamfield who are familiar with BMSC, and the ecology, biology and species local to Barkley Sound.


Compensation is in two parts: salary and scholarship. The scholarship portion is only available to graduate students.

  • Summer (per 3 weeks) $3000 Salary: $1000 Scholarship
  • Fall (per course) $4000 Salary: $2000 Scholarship*

*It is hoped that graduate students who TA Fall Semester courses will reside at BMSC for the full semester.

*The scholarship portion of the salary is contingent upon residency at BMSC for at least 8 weeks of the Fall Semester (this is negotiable), with the first week of the program being mandatory.

**TA salaries and scholarships subject to change


  • Free accommodation (with kitchen and bathroom).
  • Staff rates for meals taken in the cafeteria.
  • Travel expenses reimbursed to a maximum for a single round trip to Bamfield from home university.

Duties for all TA's include:

  • Reports directly to the University Programs Coordinator
  • Aiding primary instructor(s) in teaching during labs and field trips; helping in design and implementation of student projects.
  • Facilitation of courses by organizing equipment and scheduling.
  • Student transportation to field sites (boating experience is desirable).
  • Overseeing student safety on field trips.
  • Lab set-up and clean-up.
  • Perform other duties as specified by instructors (see below for course-specific needs).

Compulsory Requirements:

For field courses that require students to be transported by boats, Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP) certification is required.

NOTE: A valid SVOP also requires:

  • MED A3 (now known as Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety), and a valid, in-person, 16-hour first aid certification, with CPR-C, equivalent to Marine Basic First Aid and recognized by a province or territory;
  • Marine Radio Operator’s Certificate;
  • complete a boat checkout and safety briefing by BMSC Foreshore staff.

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How to apply:

Please complete and submit the on-line application form along with CV and cover letter. Please note there are separate application forms for Summer and Fall TAships. 

Fall 2021 TA Application Form 

TAs are not typically hired for more than one course during the Fall semester.