Tuition & Fees – Online courses

For all Students, fees consist of two parts:

1) BMSC fees

2) University tuition fees


*BMSC Fall Semester Fees (2020) »

Providing online courses with learning outcomes typical of our onsite field courses requires considerable support from the BMSC as a whole. All our teams – including Education, Research, Foreshore, and Facilities teams – will be working together to provide students with opportunities to experience the life-changing environment of Barkley Sound from home.

Application Fee (non-refundable)
New applicants: Deadline July 27, 2020
$50 (before deadline)
$75 (after deadline)


BMSC Fee (all 3 Core courses):



BMSC Fee (per Core course) $325
BMSC Fee – Directed Studies in Marine Science $550


  • To pay your fees, phone the administration office at 250-728-3301 ext 221 to pay your fee by credit card. Please leave a voice mail if you are not there (i.e. outside of business hours). If the voice mail box is full, please try again the next business day. We will send a receipt confirmation by email for the charge once it is processed (2-5 business days).
  • *Fees are subject to change, and are non-refundable (except in the case where the course is cancelled)

To drop a course, students must inform the University Programs Coordinator in writing (e-mail, fax or post), that they will not attend. It is not sufficient to cancel registration at a member university.

*BMSC Online Summer Course Fees (2020) »

Application Fee (non-refundable) $50 (before deadline)
$75 (after deadline)
Per Course Fee* $250

*Scholarships are available to offset BMSC course fees. Students who have already applied for a 2020 summer course, and paid the application fee, do not need to pay the application fee for online course applications.

University Tuition Fees

  • Students registered at member universities (UA, UBC, UC, UVIC, SFU) pay tuition to their home institution.
  • Students from other universities must apply to the University of Victoria (UVIC), register for BMSC courses at UVIC and pay tuition to UVIC. Click here for tuition fees at UVIC.
    NOTE: At UVIC, a 3-week course is 1.5 fee units, and a 6-week course is 3 fee units.
  • Students wishing to AUDIT (no credits) pay tuition to BMSC. Tuition at BMSC is $500 for a three week course and $1000 for a six week course.

International students should inquire whether your institution is a partner with one of BMSC’s member universities, as you may be eligible for exchange status.

If you are a graduate student at a university covered under the Western Deans Agreement (Athabasca, Brandon University, University of Lethbridge, University of Manitoba, University of Northern British Columbia, University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan, Concordia University College of Alberta, Royal Roads University) you may not be required to pay extra tuition.

Graduate students at member universities who have paid tuition for the summer semester need not pay additional tuition to attend courses at BMSC.