2020 Summer online courses: How to Apply

1. Check admission requirements

Summer online course requirements:

Students applying to take summer courses at BMSC should have completed 2nd year of an undergraduate degree program before the course start date. Each summer course also has one or more course-specific prerequisite(s). Check which prerequisite courses are required for each course you are interested in taking before you apply.

2020 Summer online course application deadline: May 14, 2020 at 11:00 am PDT

Our summer 2020 online courses are now full.

Student applications received past the application deadline will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis, and will not be considered for scholarships.

Acceptance to courses at BMSC is based on academic performance. Priority will be given to degree program students registered at member universities. Other applications from qualified persons are welcome and will be considered on their individual merits.

The Director of BMSC has final authority in accepting students for courses.

3. Pay the BMSC application fee*

*New applicants only

Early bird application fee (before deadline): $50 CAD
Application fee (After deadline): $75 CAD

  • Credit Card – Call the University Programs office 250-728-3301 ext. 221 to pay by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express

NOTE: Application fee must be paid before you application is considered complete (i.e. must be made by May 14th, 11:00 am PDT). If you apply by the deadline and call in to pay your application outside of business hours, your application will still be considered complete. Please leave a voicemail and we will contact you the next business day with confirmation.

4. You’ve been accepted! Next steps:

1. Pay course fee to BMSC

Once we notify you of your acceptance, please call to pay your BMSC course fee.

Summer fees – $250 per course. Prior to May 22, you must pay your fee to hold your place in courses you were accepted to and still intend to take. Scholarships will be subtracted from the course fee before payment.

Payment methods:

  • Credit Card – Call the University Programs office 250-728-3301 ext. 221 to pay by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express

*(refundable only upon course cancellation)

Online Summer course fees are non-refundable*. If you decide not to take a course after you have paid the fee, you must notify the University Programs Coordinator at BMSC.

It is your responsibility to withdraw registration at your member university.

2. Register for course(s) at the correct university

Your acceptance offer will contain the course registration numbers and instructions to register for the course at your university. Registration procedures vary, select the appropriate category below.

– Canadian undergraduate students:

– International undergraduate students:

– Non-Credit Option:

Auditing Student

Application procedures for persons who do not require credit, including those not registered at any college or university:

If you do not require credit for courses, it is not necessary to apply/register at a member university. Instead, you simply pay tuition to BMSC. This tuition is in addition to the BMSC fee. Tuition at BMSC is $500 for an online three week course.

Note: Students must have permission from the instructor to audit or to take the course for no credit. Students taking courses for credit have priority over noncredit students.

5. Stay connected!

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