How to Apply

First: Check admission requirements

Students applying to take summer courses at BMSC should have completed 2nd year of an undergraduate degree program before the course start date. Each summer course also has one or more course-specific prerequisite(s). Check which prerequisite courses are required for each course you are interested in taking before you apply.

Students accepted into the Fall Semester program will have completed their second year in biology, zoology or botany. Completion of introductory courses in ecology and statistics are required, and courses in introductory invertebrates and non-vascular plants are strongly recommended.

Second: Apply online to BMSC

2020 Summer online course application deadline: TO BE ANNOUNCED.

The Fall application deadline is March 31, 2020 to be eligible for scholarships.

Student applications received past the application deadline will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis, and will not be considered for scholarships.

Acceptance to courses at BMSC is based on academic performance and a statement of interest. Priority will be given to degree program students registered at member universities. Other applications from qualified persons are welcome and will be considered on their individual merits.

The Director of BMSC has final authority in accepting students for courses.

Step 1 - Complete and submit the BMSC online application form and required documents below.

Summer course application deadline (to be considered for scholarships): 11:59 pm March 1, 2020

Note: If you have technical difficulties with your application before the deadline, please email us at and we will work with you to complete it the next business day – the application will be considered complete even if it’s after the deadline.

Note: For UVic students taking ANTH 343, all information on your BMSC application form will be shared with the UVic  Anthropology department.

**Fall 2020 – APPLY ONLINE HERE**

Fall application deadline: March 31, 2020

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (for Summer and Fall courses):

  1. One set of transcripts for all post-secondary academic activities (official or unofficial).
  2. A brief statement of interest (max 200 words) explaining the appropriateness of the requested course(s) to your own professional development. If you are applying for more than one course, you may choose to submit a customized statement for each.
  3. Course specific additional documentation, if applicable (listed below).

You will be notified by e-mail when your application is complete.


Historical Ecology & Coastal Archaeology: Students applying for this course must also complete and submit THIS FORM

For UVic students taking ANTH 344, information on this form will be shared with the UVic Anthropology department.

Summer Directed Studies: Students applying to complete a 3 or 6 week directed studies must submit a project proposal and letter from a supervising faculty member. Contact the University Program Coordinator if you need help finding a faculty member to supervise your project.

Fall Directed Studies: You do not require any supporting documents. Fall Directed Studies projects will be discussed after you arrive.

To AUDIT a course:

If  you are applying to AUDIT a course, you must submit a letter of permission from the instructor.

To take the SUBTIDAL SCIENCE course, or to use SCUBA during University Program courses:

Contact the Dive & Safety Officer if you wish to use SCUBA in your course. The following MUST be submitted to the University Programs office by students wishing to take the BMSC Scientific Diving course and/or use SCUBA during another BMSC course:

  1. Review: BMSC dive safety policy
  2. Copy of nationally recognized SCUBA certification (eg. PADI, ACUC, SSI, CMAS, BSAC, SDI, NAUI).
  3. Signed BMSC SCUBA Diver Liability Waiver.
  4. Completed BMSC SCUBA Diver Clearance Form.
  5. Evidence of equipment service within the last year (i.e. dated receipt, test certificate or report).
  6. Copy of valid First Aid certification that includes CPR.
  7. Copy of certification for Diver Rescue and Accident Management.
  8. Completed SCUBA Dive Medical Examination Form (will be available upon course acceptance, Summer – March 15, Fall – April 15). Must be completed by a WorkSafe-approved physician with knowledge in diving. Alternatively, a current dive medical examination form from BMSC last summer, PADI, etc.


Email the University Programs office
Phone: 250-720-3301 ext. 216

Step 2 - Pay the BMSC application fee.*

Early bird application fee (before deadline): $50 CAD
Application fee (After deadline): $75 CAD

  • Credit Card – Call the University Programs office 250-728-3301 ext. 221 to pay by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express
  • Cheque or money order – can be mailed to:

University Programs
Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre
100 Pachena Road
Bamfield, BC
V0R 1B0

*(refundable only upon course cancellation).

NOTE: if you apply by the deadline and call in to pay your application outside of business hours, your application will still be considered complete. Please leave a voicemail (follow instructions in voicemail message) and we will contact you the next business day with confirmation.

Step 3 - You will be notified by email of the course(s) you have been accepted to.

**The Director of BMSC has final authority in accepting students for courses.

A confirmation email will be sent once your application is complete. All students will be notified of their acceptance to courses by email. Students that are not accepted to courses will also be notified.

Email notifications will be sent out in mid-March (Summer courses) and mid-April (Fall Program courses).

Third: You’ve been accepted! Next steps:

1. Pay course deposit to BMSC

Course deposits are applied toward BMSC fees.

Summer and Fall course deposits are non-refundable*, however summer course deposits can be transferred to another course in the same year. If you decide not to take a course after you have paid the deposit, you must notify the University Programs Coordinator at BMSC, in addition to withdrawing registration at your member university.

Summer deposit – $200 per course. Prior to April 1, you must pay a deposit to hold your place in courses you were accepted to and still intend to take.

Fall deposit – $1000 per semester. Prior to May 1, you must pay a deposit to hold your place in the fall program.

Payment methods:

  • Credit Card – Call the University Programs office 250-728-3301 ext. 221 to pay by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express
  • Cheque or money order – can be mailed to:

University Programs
Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre
100 Pachena Road
Bamfield, BC
V0R 1B0

*(refundable only upon course cancellation)

2. Register for course(s) at the correct university

Your acceptance offer will contain the course registration numbers and instructions to register for the course at your university. Registration procedures vary, select the appropriate category below.

– Canadian undergraduate students:

– International undergraduate students:

– Non-Credit Option:

Auditing Student

Application procedures for persons who do not require credit, including those not registered at any college or university:

If you do not require credit for courses, it is not necessary to apply/register at a member university. Instead, you simply pay tuition to BMSC. This tuition is in addition to the BMSC fee that covers room and board. Tuition at BMSC is $500 for a three week course and $1000 for a six week course.

Note: Students must have permission from the instructor to audit or to take the course for no credit. Students taking courses for credit have priority over noncredit students.

Fourth: Prepare for your trip to BMSC

  1. How will I get there?
  2. Obtain a PCOC card and First Aid certification for boat use.
  3. See ‘How to prepare’ FAQs
  4. Purchase text books
  5. Stay connected FB-fLogo-Blue-printpackaging  Twitter_logo_blue

Questions? Contact the University Programs Office.

phone: 250-728-3301 ext. 216