Dr. Mindi Summers

University of Calgary
Marine Invertebrate Zoology

Hello! I am Mindi Summers, an instructor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary. My research and teaching focuses on invertebrate biodiversity and how students learn in biology. I have explored marine biodiversity in California, Hawaii, Kirabiti and the central Pacific, New Zealand, Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, Tasmania, and Indonesia, and I am looking forward to my first summer of exploration at Bamfield. My favourite part of working with invertebrates is that there is so much undiscovered and undescribed diversity, making them the perfect subject area for undergraduate research projects. This summer at Bamfield, I can’t wait to hunt for myzostomid annelids associated with the local featherstar crinoid, and also for staurozoans (stalked jellyfish) in the eelgrass