Dr. Marjorie Wonham

Quest University
Marine Invertebrate Zoology
Telephone: 604.898.8022

“I’m Marjorie Wonham, a member of the life-sciences faculty at Quest University Canada. My research and teaching interests focus on intertidal ecology and invertebrates, particularly the dynamics of marine bioinvasions, and on science teaching and learning. I first came to BMSC as a summer TA (for Phycology), and have co-taught Marine Invertebrate Zoology here since 2006. My favourite field and lab moments are when I see organisms or phenomena I’ve never seen before – which happens at least once in each course. (Most recently it was multiple tiny chaetopertid worms in a single tube, turban snails dropped by birds, and a parasitic copepod in a nudibranch.) I also have a soft spot for an aggregation of cryptic little sea cucumbers that I have seen at the same spot at the same site, every year.” Dr. Marjorie Wonham