Dr. Barb Beasley

Association of Wetland Stewards for Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds
Coastal Biodiversity & Conservation

“I’m Barb Beasley, an independent consulting biologist with several affiliations. I am the founding director of the Association of Wetland Stewards for Clayoquot and Barkley Sounds, visiting tutor in Life Sciences at Quest University, and an eco-tour naturalist/instructor with Maple Leaf Adventures, Outer Shore Expeditions, and West Coast NEST.

My current research focuses on the conservation of amphibians and their habitats. I have authored several COSEWIC status reports and provincial management plans and I lead a stewardship program for amphibians near my home in Ucluelet, at the north end of Barkley Sound. I first came to BMSC as a TA in 1992 while I was doing my PhD at SFU.

Since then, I have co-taught courses in Marine Behavioural Ecology, Rainforest Ecology, Amphibian Biology and Coastal Biodiversity & Conservation. My enthusiasm for learning about the natural world is immense. I love being immersed with students in exploring the remarkable diversity of species and ecosystems around Bamfield.”  Dr. Barb Beasley