Life changing exploration and discovery in coastal and marine environments


Partnership: Partnership built on respectful communication and cooperation is our key catalyst for success.
We will pursue common goal through collaboration with all our partners – staff, instructors, researchers, students, university partners, First Nations, local community – that engender mutual respect and benefit.

Scholarship Grounded in Experience: Our students grow through active learning in the natural world.
Our ocean-side campus offers unparalleled access and support for scholars to discover and gather evidence based knowledge. Connecting researchers and learners at BMSC creates unique scholarship opportunity.

Stewardship: We respect how the traditional values of stewardship relate directly to sustainability of our environment. As a sentinel of the environment BMSC supports stewardship from evidence
based knowledge. We instill in our students and researchers a sense of respect and responsibility
for our environment.


Building on 50 years of success in coastal and marine research and education, we will:

    1. Develop and provide the research capacity and services that enable
      innovative approaches to ocean exploration and discovery, and
    2. Enhance our field based education programs with a research experience.

We will accomplish these goals and build momentum towards our vision by
establishing a sustainable financial base and utilizing the strengths of our unique
Bamfield/BMSC culture.

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