Dr. Sean Rogers

Telephone: 403-210-8573

Sean’s passion for fishes, fishing and the habitats where they are found began at a very early age, but it wasn’t until his second year at the University of New Brunswick when he volunteered to feed fish in the aquatic lab that we realized he might even be able to do this for a living. A third year undergraduate course in Evolution from Don Hagen changed his perspective on what the really interesting questions were, and a fourth year research paper project on the emerging area of “DNA fingerprinting in fishes sealed the deal. Sean completed his PhD at Laval University with Louis in 2005 before moving west to study ecology and evolution with Dolph Schluter at UBC. Since starting his position at the University of Calgary in 2009, his research program continues to focus on the genomics of adaptation to environmental change in fishes, particularly with marine threespine stickleback. That’s what brought him to BMSC where has now also been director since 2017.