Weather & Tides

Tofino weather forecast (from Environment Canada)

Environment Canada marine weather forecast:

What are the surf conditions on Vancouver Island?

How big is that fog bank?

What is the wind doing?

Cool visualizations of global climate conditions

The BMSC weather station is part of the  School-Based Weather Station Network is being developed by Andrew Weaver and Ed Wiebe at the University of Victoria. The weather station is located on the roof of the main building at BMSC.

See the School-Based Weather Station Network website for more details.

For further information and data inquiries please contact If you find a problem or have a question about the site please be sure to send the relevant site and page address (the URL from your browser’s address bar). Also include a screen capture image if you can so that they can see what you are seeing.

Sea conditions at La Perouse Bank, from the National Data Buoy Center

– wind direction & speed – sea & air temp
– wave height & period – every hour

the ID for data download on this buy is C46206

DFO’s Oceanography and Scientific Data – Waves and other Moored Marine Buoy Observations

The Government of Canada has been collecting, processing, archiving and disseminating surface gravity wave data on behalf of Canadians since 1970. has a summary of current weather and swell web pages.

Data from BC Lighthouses

Daily sea surface temperature and salinity observations have been carried out at several locations on the coast of British Columbia since the early part of the 20th century. Observations started at the Pacific Biological Station (Departure Bay) in 1914. The number of stations reporting at any given time has varied as sampling has been discontinued at some stations, and started or resumed at others.

The British Columbia Shore Station Oceanographic Program (BCSOP), currently has 13 participating stations.

Bamfield East weather station. Peter Janitis, Grappler Inlet. Data 1959-1998