Multi-disciplinary research at BMSC

BMSC is a leader in multi-disciplinary research, providing a center for collaborative investigation in a diverse array of basic and applied sciences.

Research areas include effects of climate change on intertidal communities, invasive species, energy generation from tidal action, fish physiology, rockfish recruitment on the borders of marine protected areas, evolution and adaptation of form and function across wave exposure gradients, evolution of sex determination in a polygenic system, interactions between ecological processes, natural and sexual selection, and molecular evolution in subtidal marine invertebrates, predicting the occurrence and strength of selection on the rate of adaptation to new environments in stickleback, to name a few.

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2014 2014

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Dan Orr

Graduate Student

Dr. Katie Lotterhos

Assistant Professor

Dr. John Morgan


Dr. Patti Halpin


Samantha Sandee

Graduate Student

Courtney Deck

Graduate Student

Dr. Alberto Aliseda

Associate Professor

JP Hastey

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Christopher Austin

Christopher Austin

Graduate Student

Chase Haegele

Graduate Student

Dr. Louis Gosselin

Associate Profesor

Mayra Elvira Molina

Graduate Student

Nicole Webster