Multi-disciplinary research at BMSC

BMSC is a leader in multi-disciplinary research, providing a center for collaborative investigation in a diverse array of basic and applied sciences.

BMSC Research Seminars will be broadcast live, on TUESDAYS at 1:30 PDT.

Join us to learn about the exciting and important research our Researchers and Alumni have been doing at BMSC!

In support of our vision to create an open, collaborative and approachable community of scientists at BMSC, we are hosting our popular research seminar series online.

We continue the tradition of providing the opportunity for students, staff, and researchers to learn about new discoveries being made in various fields of marine science from experts in our community.

Join us on Zoom, or participate live on YouTube.

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May 26 Dr. Kaitlyn Gallagher Université de Montréal “When the hunter becomes the hunted: tapeworms of the pelagic thresher shark.”
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June 2 Dr. Isabelle Côté Simon Fraser University “Ecological shifts in a marine community following extreme disturbances”
June 9 Dr. Dina Navon University of Calgary “Where Nature met Nurture – Phenotypic plasticity in fish”
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June 16 Dr. Don Levitan Florida State University “Reproductive isolation and speciation in sea urchins”
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June 23 Dr. Julia Baum University of Victoria “In Hot Water: Fish and Coral Responses to Marine Heatwaves”
June 30 Brooke Weigel, PhD Candidate University of Chicago “A little kelp from my friends: Bacterial symbionts and carbon cycling associated with bull kelp, Nereocystis luetkeana.”
July 7 Dr. Amanda Bates Memorial University “Thermal safety, environmental variability and biodiversity change”
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Wed. July 15

9:00 AM PDT

Research in Marine Ecology undergraduate student project presentations BMSC Undergraduate student research projects, presented by the students of our first online course, “Research in Marine Ecology”.
Dr. Chris Neufled, Dr. Sam Starko, Instructors
July 21 Dr. Sean Rogers University of Calgary Ecological genomics of population persistence and adaptation in marine fishes: it’s all one song.
Aug 11 Dr. Stephanie Green University of Alberta “Reassembling coastal marine food webs: patterns, processes and consequences.”
Aug 18 Selby Wilkinson and Anna Howard Parks Canada Southern Resident Killer Whales; How You Play a Role in Species at Risk Recovery
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Sept 1 Deborah Curran University of Victoria “Fluid Jurisdiction in Marine Territory: Indigenous Rights and Legal Pluralism in Canada”
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A few researchers will be joining us this summer, under strict health and safety guidelines.

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University of British Columbia

Dr. Christopher Harley

Associate Professor

Simon Fraser University

Dr. Anne Salomon

Associate Professor

Dr. Danielle Denley

Post Doctoral Fellow

University of Calgary

Dr. Dina Navon

Post-Doctoral Fellow

University of Alberta

Dr. Tamzin Blewett

Assistant Professor

Other University

Dr. Elizabeth Boulding

University of Guelph

JP Hastey

Owner, Nova Harvest Ltd.
Nova Harvest Ltd.

Dr. Tim Higham

Associate Professor
University of California, Riverside

Dr. Kaitlin Gallagher

Post Doctoral Fellow
Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Dr. Marius Roesti

Post Doctoral Fellow
University of Bern

Mike Williamson

President and CEO
Cascadia Seaweed