Dick and Leona Peter Student Bursary

Dr. Peter was born in 1943 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He obtained his BSc from the University of Calgary in 1965 and his PhD in 1969 from the University of Washington. After his post-doctoral studies, he took up an academic appointment at the University of Alberta. Dr. Peter served two terms as Chair of the Department of Zoology and two terms as Dean of the Faculty of Science. Dr. Peter also served as Vice-President of the Alberta Research Council, and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences of the Government of Alberta. This was followed by his appointment as the Director of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre in 2006. Dr. Peter’s leadership, dedication and vision has had a lasting impact at the BMSC. He recognized the importance of experiential learning and promoted public education of youth at the BMSC through our Field Trips Program, an award-winning program that now provides over 3000 youth from BC and Alberta with a life-changing experience annually. He reshaped the future course of the BMSC with a focus on supporting all researchers, but particularly students at the initial stages of their careers. An endowment was established in 2008 to further these goals.

Award criteria: Awards will be based on a combination of academic excellence and financial need.

Application:  There is no application form; interested students should submit a letter to Dr. Chris Neufeld via email at education@bamfieldmsc.com describing how they meet the award criteria. To be considered, applications must be received by 5PM, December 10.

Eligibility: Bursaries will be awarded annually to one or more students registered in a degree program (graduate or undergraduate) who spends a minimum of one term at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.  This Bursary will be used to pay for accommodation for the student on site at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre for up to one term.

  • International students are eligible (not restricted to Canadian citizens or landed immigrants)
  • Part time students are eligible
  • Students from universities other than the 5 member universities are eligible
  • Students may receive this award more than once

Congratulations to the 2018 winners!

  • Em Lim (UBC, BMSC Fall Program) – $750
  • Elizabeth (Ela) Cichowski (UofA, BMSC UP Student, Oceanography and Marine Terrestrial Interactions)  – $750
  • Rebecca Waines (UVic, BMSC Fall Program) – $750
  • Alessandra Gentile (UBC, BMSC Fall Program) – $750
  • Alex Schoen (University of Manitoba, PhD student with Gary Anderson) – $750