Grants & Opportunties

The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre expect to award competitive grants to Principal Investigators for research to be conducted at BMSC. We anticipate awarding up to $5000 this year. Applications from graduate students and postdocs will not be accepted.

The grants are to cover the costs of research while at the centre. This includes housing, lab fees, boat costs, and research services. Food, consumables, and travel to BMSC are excluded.

Criteria for selection will favour:

  1. Researchers new to BMSC
  2. Researchers early in their career
  3. Researchers without other research funds
  4. Researchers supporting graduate students or postdoctoral fellows to work at BMSC
  5. A proposal that is likely to be successful in producing published work
  6. A well-defined work plan and budget
  7. Research conducted outside the June-August peak demand period

Researchers are reminded that:

  • All research using craniates (all vertebrates plus hagfish and lamprey) or cephalopods must have animal care approval from their home institution AND from BMSC. Work with invertebrates requires a BMSC Animal Use Protocol.
  • A DFO collecting permit is required to collect any organism that falls under the fisheries act.
  • BMSC maintains a long-term collections database. All organisms sampled, destructively or not, while working at BMSC must be recorded in the database. This is part of a long-term strategy to provide digital records to the research community.
  • BMSC adheres to all CCAC, WHMIS, CNSC, and WorkSafe BC standards.
  • BMSC has comprehensive, boating, diving, and harassment policies that are enforced.
  • Work conducted on First Nations lands requires prior permission.

Application materials include a 1-page proposal, 1-page budget, and current NSERC Form-100 or CCV. For out-of-country applicants, a CV with publications and awards since 2010 is acceptable.

Application Deadline is 1 June, 2017, 4pm.
Awards will be made by the BMSC Academic and Research Committee.
Send all applications as a single *.pdf file to the Director using the following naming convention: