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    University transcripts (unofficial) must be included and must cover the three most recent years of academic study:
    • students enrolled in a M.Sc. program must provide both their B.Sc. and most recent M.Sc. transcripts.
    • students enrolled in a Ph.D. program must provide their M.Sc. and most recent Ph.D. transcripts.

    3. Awards, publications list, experience:

    • List other awards or scholarships received (undergraduate and graduate studies).
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    • List relevant work or volunteer experience, provide references.

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    Provide a description of proposed research. The proposal should address why it is important that this research program be conducted at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. If applying for the Richard Peter Publication Award, please identify the publication in this section.

    5. Supervisor's Support

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    Have your supervisor sign this statement, and include in your final .pdf submission:

    • The proposed research at BMSC is acceptable to the supervisory committee.
    • The student has adequate personal support for for living in Bamfield.
    • The supervisor will meet the direct costs of thesis research at BMSC.
    • Provision has been made for student supervision.

    I am aware of, and approve of this student's application.
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    Submit application materials as a single *.pdf file, including:

    1. Application form
    2. Scanned transcripts
    3. Awards & experiences
    4. Proposal
    5. Supervisor support
    *with a naming convention of SurnameBMSC_YYYY.pdf

    Application Deadline June 1

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