Research Overview

The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre provides year-round research facilities, basic and specialty equipment, and technical assistance to scientists from the five western Canadian universities as well as visiting scientists from other Canadian and international institutions.
BMSC offers unparalleled access to a wide array of environments – including unique coastal, freshwater, marine, and rainforest habitats and exceptional species diversity.

Research Themes:

BMSC fosters an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to various research themes in coastal sciences:

  • Ecology, Evolution & Conservation
  • Climate Change
  • Fish Physiology
  • Fluid Dynamics & Mechanics
  • Invasive Species
  • Aquaculture

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Implications of asymmetrical gain and loss of barnacle feeding appendages

Asymmetrical gain and loss of barnacle feeding appendages, in terms of ease or time lag of development, identifies a new cost associated with developmentally plastic change.

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A novel mechanism controlling heart rate in the ancestral Pacific hagfish

This study documents the discovery of a novel control pathway to increase heart rate, and is the first to report a chordate heart implicating HCO3 stimulation of intracellular sAC to produce cAMP and stimulate the spontaneous heartbeat.

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Seminar, Tuesday June 20: “Wave disturbance reduces plant species richness and occupancy in a continental archipelago.” 7pm, Rix Centre

Join us for a talk by BMSC Alumni and instructors for the Coastal Community Ecology course, Dr. Chris Neufeld and Sam Starko

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Seminar, Tuesday June 13: “The ‘lost’ gardens: Heiltsuk berry cultivation on BC’s Central Coast.” 7pm, Rix Centre

Join us for a talk about how northwest coast First Peoples managed and co-evolved with their plant resources. Fiona Hamersley Chambers, Tuesday, June 13, 7pm. Rix Centre. ALL WELCOME!

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