Summer Online Courses

While BMSC remains operational with essential staff, we are providing summer course additions offered via online teaching and learning, to provide more students with the opportunity to continue progressing through their programs during these times.

BMSC Online Summer Courses (University Credit)

Like our summer field courses, BMSC’s online courses will be a full-time commitment. We advise that you do not take other courses concurrently with our summer courses.

  • We will provide students with opportunities to experience the life-changing environment of Barkley Sound from home, with live-streaming and online content using a combination of real-time and asynchronous interactions with instructors and tutorial assistants. These courses aim to capture many of the learning outcomes typical of regular summer BMSC courses but would take place remotely, with a minimal BMSC fee, and scholarship opportunities.
  • Classes will focus on the unique biology and culture of the region around BMSC, and include opportunities to engage with real research questions, engage in community-based learning, and offer daily opportunities to engage with passionate and skilled faculty.
  • Each course carries credit equivalent to a one-semester university course.

We are still accepting applications for wait list positions – so APPLY NOW!

Date Block Name Duration  
Jun 25, 2020 - Jul 15, 2020 Research in Marine Ecology – ONLINE – FULL 3 weeks View Details
Aug 24, 2020 - Sep 4, 2020 Environmental Law & Sustainability – ONLINE – FULL 2 weeks View Details

Stay tuned for other online initiatives at BMSC this summer

In support of our vision to create an open, collaborative and approachable community of scientists at BMSC, we are excited to announce that we will be transporting our popular summer seminar series to a free online format this summer. Historically, BMSC Seminars have been a great opportunity for on-site BMSC students, staff and researchers to learn from experts in our community about the new discoveries being made in various fields of marine science. Please check back shortly for information about the summer seminar series and instructions on how to join these talks.

We value your feedback.

If you wish to participate in the development of our online programs, please email us: University Programs