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    Now accepting applications for Summer 2017 courses

    • Summer Application Deadline: March 1, 2017
    • Student applications received past the application deadline will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis


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    Historical Ecology & Coastal Archaeology (HECA) form
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    Letter of accommodation (for students with learning disabilites)
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    Course Selection

    Course descriptions and dates are available here:


    You can choose to take consecutive courses, however only one course can be taken at a time.

    If you select a six-week course (Marine Invertebrate Zoology, Biology of Marine Fishes, or Coastal Biodiversity & Conservation), please select the course in both relevant date blocks.

    Please select an alternate course if your first choice is unavailable.

    Block I A (May 1 - May 19) B (May 23 - June 9)
    First choice
    Alternate choice
    Block II A (June 12 - June 30) B (July 3 - July 21)
    First choice
    Alternate choice
    Block III A (July 24 - Aug 11) B (Aug 14 - Sept 1)
    First choice
    Alternate choice

    Directed Studies

    Please contact university@bamfieldmsc.com if you wish to take a 3 or 6 week Directed Studies Program.

    Directed Study 3 week:
    Directed Study 6 week:
    Course Selection Comments:If necessary, clarify your course selections. For example, if you only want to take one course, but your first choice is in one block and your second choice in another, you may explain here.


    If you are currently taking the prerequisite course, enter 'TBD'.

    If you do not have the prerequisite, enter 'NO'. If you have the Instructor's permission to apply without the pre-requisite, enter 'YES'.

    If you have taken more than one course that satisfies the pre-requisite, report your highest grade.

    Course Prerequisite
    Marine Invertebrate Zoology 3rd Year in Biology?
    Intro Invertebrate course? (Recommended)
    Biodiversity of Seaweeds 3rd Year in Biology?
    Marine Behavioural Ecology Intro Ecology Course?
    Vertebrate or Invertebrate Zoology? (Recommended)
    Intro Stats Course? (Recommended)
    Ethnobotany 3rd year standing?
    Biology of Marine Fishes Intro Vertebrate Biology?
    Coastal Community Ecology Intro Ecology Course?
    Intro Statistics Course?
    Ecological Models & Data Second-year Statistics?
    Intro Calculus Course?
    Intro Ecology Course?
    Tongues in Trees: Literary Forests Three Upper-Level English Courses?
    Graduate Student?
    Survey Methods for Coastal Wildlife 3rd Year in Biology?
    Intro Ecology Course?
    Intro Statistics Course?
    Coastal Biodiversity & Conservation 3rd Year in Biology?
    Historical Ecology & Coastal Archaeology Intro Archaeology Course?
    Graduate Student?
    Marine Microbiology Intro Microbiology Course?
    Intro Ecology Course?
    Sex & Evolution Two First-Year Biology Courses?
    Third Year Standing?
    Evolutionary Biology Course? (Recommended)
    Genetics Course? (Recommended)

    Boat Use

    University Program students are given the opportunity to operate a 14ft outboard boat as part of their courses at BMSC.

    Boat use is recommended for: Boat use is NOT recommended for:
    • Marine Invertebrate Zoology
    • Marine Behavioural Ecology
    • Biodiversity of Seaweeds
    • Biology of Marine Fishes
    • Coastal Community Ecology
    • Ecological Models & Data
    • Survey Methods for Coastal Wildlife (strongly recommended)
    • Coastal Biodiversity & Conservation
    • Historical Ecology & Coastal Archaeology
    • Marine Microbiology
    • Sex & Evolution
    • Ethnobotany
    • Tongues in Trees: Literary Forests

    All boat operators must have the following before coming to BMSC:

    1. Pleasure Craft Operator's Card (PCOC); and
    2. Marine Basic 1st Aid, Occupational First Aid Level 1, or equivalent (see here)

    Boating experience is recommended but not necessary; training is provided on the first day of class. Students will be given the opportunity to practice their skills prior to being given permission to take the boats outside the inlet.

    1. Do you wish to operate boats? If not, please skip next 2 sections YesNo
    2. I would like to operate boats and presently have the necessary certifications YesNo
    3. I will obtain a PCOC and the necessary First Aid certification prior to arriving at BMSC YesNo
    PCOC number
    First Aid certification
    First Aid expiry date


    If you intend to dive at BMSC, please consult the BMSC website on qualifying as a Scientific Diver at BMSC. The following list of equipment is REQUIRED. If you cannot fulfill this list, please explain your situation in the text box below.

    1. Mask, snorkel, fins
    2. Dry suit (MANDATORY)
    3. Hood, boots, gloves
    4. Weight system
    5. Buoyancy compensator with low pressure inflator
    6. Regulator
    7. Alternate air source
    8. Submersible pressure gauge
    9. Underwater compass
    10. Bottom timer (i.e. dive watch)
    11. Primary dive light
    12. Back-up dive light
    13. Dive knife
    14. TWO emergency signal devices - one audible, one visual
    15. Small gear bag (i.e. mesh goody bag)
    16. Logbook (minimum 12 dives in 12 months prior to arrival)
    17. NOTE: BMSC will supply you with SCUBA tanks
    Do you plan to use SCUBA? YesNo
    Will you be able to bring all of the equipment listed? YesNo

    Scuba Equipment special notes

    Please explain your circumstances if you were unable to answer 'Yes' above


    Note: Students will be housed in a co-ed dormitory in shared, same-gender rooms.

    Gender (for housing assignment)
    Pertinent Medical Issues (confidential; disclosed only to on-site First Aid Officers and instructional staff):
    Housing comments (ie name of preferred roomate):

    Dietary preferences

    Meals always include a meat option and a vegetarian option. To help us determine how much food to order and prepare, please indicate your preferences below. If you indicate that you eat chicken, you will be expected to take the meat option when chicken is served.

    I include meat in my diet (please select from the following list)

    Beef? YesNo
    Pork? YesNo
    Chicken? YesNo
    Fish? YesNo

    I am vegetarian (please select options from the following list)

    Milk? YesNo
    Eggs? YesNo

    BMSC is equipped to accommodate vegetarian/vegan diets. Due to the high number of dietary restrictions received from students in recent years, specific dietary restrictions should be accompanied by a note from a doctor.

    List all dietary sensitivities or allergies: