Directed Studies in Marine Science

Overview: The object of this course is to learn how to undertake an independent research project in your field of interest. Working independently or in pairs, you will design, implement, analyze the data you collect, investigate background, peer-reviewed, scientific literature, write and present your research  proposal, write a scientific report as for publication in a journal, and present your results in a symposium setting. You will design your project to take advantage of laboratory and/or field opportunities at BMSC. Faculty, resident researchers, and staff will provide mentorship.

Research and Practical Skills: You will learn how to conduct scientific research starting from the germination of a question of scientific interest; develop hypotheses, and alternative hypotheses; investigate how to approach answering your research question, considering the design, sample size, and time management; troubleshoot methods, equipment needs, and demonic intrusion; investigate, read, and understand relevant background peer-reviewed literature; and learn how to write and present your research.

Boat Use: You will be given the opportunity to drive boats if you choose to do so. Boat driving is recommended but not required for the BMSC Fall Program. Students who wish to drive boats at BMSC must hold a PCOC and valid first aid certificate and will participate in an introductory boat check-out on the first day of orientation.

Physical Requirements: Physical requirements will vary depending on the nature of your independent research project. This course does not include any physical exertion or challenge beyond that expected in any of BMSC’s field courses. If your research projects includes trips to intertidal field sites, this will involve getting on and off boats onto slippery rocks in sometimes wavy conditions. 

Textbook: No required text book for this course.

Details coming soon.