Directed Studies in Marine Science


Undergraduate and Graduate Directed Studies may be undertaken at any time during the summer term.

Study will involve a research project approved by a supervisor in the student’s field of interest. Projects will be designed to take advantage of laboratory and/or field opportunities. Applications should be accompanied by a project outline and a letter from a faculty member willing to supervise. Normal room and board, tuition, and supplemental fees will apply.

Boat Use: You will be given the opportunity to drive boats if you choose to do so. If your Directed Study project is field-based, boat driving is recommended but not required. Students who wish to drive boats at BMSC must hold a PCOC and valid first aid certificate and will participate in an introductory boat check-out on the first day of orientation.

Students interested in SCUBA related projects should contact BMSC’s Diving & Safety Officer , at least one month before expected start date.

Contact the University Programs Coordinator for more information about doing a directed study at BMSC.


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