Crustacean Biology – FULL

Instructor: Dr. Gregory Jensen

Overview: Cross dressing. Sex change. Chastity belts. Crustaceans were doing all this and more, long before humans ever appeared. Come learn all about this fascinating group in a setting where you can study them up close in their natural habitat and in the lab. Crustaceans are one of the most diverse groups of animals on earth in terms of species, morphology, behavior, and ecology. Discover their remarkable adaptations and strategies for feeding, reproducing, and evading predators. You’ll never look at a crab or shrimp dinner in quite the same way again!

Research Skills: Students will get first-hand experience in designing and carrying out a research project involving crustaceans, with instruction on experimental and sampling design. They’ll also learn how to identify crustaceans, and will get valuable experience in critically reading and discussing refereed primary literature.

Practical Skills: Students will learn how to recognize the various groups of crustaceans, the terminology used in identification keys, and how to differentiate larval forms- – all invaluable skills for consulting or biomonitoring work.

Boat Use: You will be given the opportunity to drive boats if you choose to do so. Boat driving is recommended but not required for Crustacean Biology. Students who wish to drive boats at BMSC must hold a PCOC and valid first aid certificate and will participate in an introductory boat check-out on the first day of orientation.

Prerequisites: Introductory Biology. A desire and enthusiasm to learn all about this amazing group.

Physical Requirements: Students must be able to use microscopes, and negotiate stairs and hills on campus. Field trips usually involve getting in and out of small boats and walking on beaches that can have very slippery rocks.

Textbook:  “Crabs and Shrimps of the Pacific Coast: A guide to shallow-water decapods from southeastern Alaska to the Mexican border” is strongly recommended but not required. Required journal readings will be provided by instructor.


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Dr. Greg Jensen says: “Expect to fall in love with a whole new group of animals– and we don’t mean just loving them on your plate!”

Here’s what previous students say:

Greg was very approachable, knowledgeable and excited about the material he was teaching. He was always enthusiastic, encouraging and willing to help in the lab, field or in the class room.

(Greg) relayed information out in simple ways that was very easy to understand and often-times laced with subdued humour. Connected information with entertaining anecdotes.

Dr. J LOVES Crustaceans, it shows in everything he does and says and you can’t help but love them too because he definitely rubs off on you!


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Crustacean Biology 2018