Applied Data Analysis in Marine Science

Instructor: Allan Roberts

Overview: This course provides students with skills for experimental design, data analysis, and scientific inference. An applied approach will be taken, with data analysis methods being implemented with the statistics programming language R. Aspects of data analysis that will be covered include data management, data visualization, programming, and statistics. Statistics topics will include linear models and extensions of linear models. Data visualization will be covered in the context of data exploration, model checking, and the effective communication of results. Readings and discussions will address topics including experimental design, statistical modelling, and effective data visualization.

Boat Use: You will be given the opportunity to drive boats if you choose to do so. Boat driving is recommended but not required for the BMSC Fall Program. Students who wish to drive boats at BMSC must hold a PCOC and valid first aid certificate and will participate in an introductory boat check-out on the first day of orientation.