2020 Fall Program Application

Apply for Fall 2020

Student Application Procedure


  1. One set of transcripts for all post-secondary academic activities (official or unofficial).
  2. A brief statement of interest (max 300 words submitted as PDF) explaining the appropriateness of the Fall Program to your own professional development.

You will be notified by e-mail when your application is complete.

Questions may be directed to University Programs
Email:university@bamfieldmsc.com Phone: 250-728-3301 Ext 216

The Director of BMSC has final authority in accepting students for courses.

On-line Application Form

  • Fall Application Deadline: March 31, 2020
  • Student applications received past the application deadline will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis

Attachments (please attach all in PDF format)

Statement of Interest
(Optional) Additional Transcript File 1
(Optional) Additional Transcript File 2
Letter of accommodation (for students with learning disabilites)
Doctor's note for students with food allergies/diet restictions

Applicant information

*Required field

*First name
*Last name
*Date of birth (Format YYYY-MM-DD)

Permanent Address

Please use an address where you can receive BMSC communications for the foreseeable future

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Contact info

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*Your email address is our primary method of contact, and will be used for all course-related communications.
We occasionally send news to our Alumni: do you wish to keep in touch with what's happening at BMSC?

Emergency Contact

*Phone Number (Format: XXX-XXX-XXXX)

Further information

*Member university you attend - Students from Non-member universities, please select "University of Victoria"
Non-member university you attend
*Student ID number
*Academic standing as of May 1st, 2020 (If you have completed your second undergraduate year, you are considered a third year undergraduate)
*Field of study, including Honours, Major, Minor
*Please calculate and report your rGPA here (your GPA based on your most recent 20 courses). If you do not have 20 courses yet, report your cGPA based on all of the courses you have taken. Please report your rGPA OUT OF the highest level GPA for your institution (e.g. 2.7 out of 4.0 for UAlberta or 7.8 out of 9.0 for Uvic or 3.0 out of 4.33 for SFU etc.). Alternatively, if your grades are reported in percentage on your transcript, you may report your rGPA as a percent (preferable).
* Please convert that rGPA (calculated above) into a letter grade based on your institutions grade scheme (For example, at SFU and UA, a 3.05 out of 4.33 is equivalent to a B average; at UC a 2.67 out of 4.0 is equivalent to a C+ average; at UVic a 7.2 out of 9.0 (80-84%) is equivalent to an A- average). You can search your institutions website to find their grade scheme/grade calendar tables. Please report your letter grade average rGPA here.
*Have you been to BMSC before? Please select all that apply

No, I have not been to BMSC before
Yes, Elementary or High School field trip
Yes, University field trip
Yes, Other educational or group field trip
Yes, Previous BMSC summer or fall university course(s)
Yes, Research/Research assistant

If past trip selected above, please select year
Please name the school you came with, and/or courses attended at BMSC
*How did you learn about BMSC?

BMSC Website
Instructor at home university
Academic advisor at home university
BMSC Ambassador at home university
Poster at home university
Digital display at home university
Former/current BMSC student
Social Media (Facebook share or post by friend)

Other (please specify below)

Reference Information

Name of professor or professional contact who could provide a reference for you and their email address. Your reference may be contacted by our selection committee in some cases when choosing applicants. Letters of reference are not required.

*Name of professor who will recommend you

Recommended or Required Courses

If you are currently taking a prerequisite course, select 'TBD'.

Prerequisites University? Course Title Course Code Grade
Ecology (REQUIRED)
Statistics (REQUIRED)
Invertebrate Biology (Recommended)
Non-Vascular Plants (Recommended)

Boat Use

University Program students are given the opportunity to operate a 14ft outboard boat as part of their courses at BMSC.

All boat operators must have the following before coming to BMSC:

  1. Pleasure Craft Operator's Card (PCOC); and
  2. Two-day First Aid certificate recognized by a province or territory (e.g. Red Cross, St. John’s)(see here)

Boating experience is recommended but not necessary. You will be required to present your First Aid and PCOC certifications prior to using BMSC boats. Training is provided on the first day of class. Students will be given the opportunity to practice their skills prior to being given permission to take the boats outside the inlet.

  • Do you wish to operate boats? YesNo


If you intend to dive at BMSC, please consult the BMSC website on qualifying as a Scientific Diver at BMSC. The following list of equipment is REQUIRED. If you cannot fulfill this list, please explain your situation in the text box below.

  1. Mask, snorkel, fins
  2. Dry suit (MANDATORY)
  3. Hood, boots, gloves
  4. Weight system
  5. Buoyancy compensator with low pressure inflator
  6. Regulator
  7. Alternate air source
  8. Submersible pressure gauge
  9. Underwater compass
  10. Bottom timer (i.e. dive watch)
  11. Primary dive light
  12. Back-up dive light
  13. Dive knife
  14. TWO emergency signal devices - one audible, one visual
  15. Small gear bag (i.e. mesh goody bag)
  16. Logbook (minimum 12 dives in 12 months prior to arrival)
  17. NOTE: BMSC will supply you with SCUBA tanks
Do you plan to use SCUBA? YesNo

Scuba Equipment special notes

Please explain your circumstances if you are unable to bring all equipment listed abov:


Note: Students will be housed in a co-ed dormitory in shared, same-gender rooms.

*Gender (for housing assignment)
Housing comments (e.g. name of preferred roommate etc.):

*Dietary preferences

Meals always include a meat option and a vegetarian option. To help us determine how much food to order and prepare, please indicate your preferences below. If you indicate that you eat meat, you will be expected to take the meat option for all meals. You can change this option at a later time.

*Dietary Preferences

Dietary Restrictions

Please list any allergies or dietary restrictions. Due to the high number of dietary restrictions received from students in recent years, BMSC may request specific dietary restrictions be accompanied by a note from a doctor. An example of an exception: if you eat meat but can not eat pork (e.g. for religious reasons), please mention that here.All dietary restrictions can be changed at a later date.
We are unable to support life-threatening anaphylactic airborne allergies.

List all dietary sensitivities or allergies:

Pertinent Medical Conditions

Bamfield is remote. It has a clinic with a small medical dispensary, staffed by a nurse. The closest doctor and hospital are in Port Alberni, two hours away by road. In the event of an emergency, evacuations by boat/helicopter are possible and dependent on weather. For these reasons, BMSC takes its students’ medical conditions very seriously. Please share any pertinent, pre-existing medical conditions. This information is treated as confidential and will not be considered during the application process; it will be disclosed to BMSC First Aid officers and instructional staff during your course. The type of information we need includes but is not limited to: Serious allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, mobility issues, hearing impairments, issues with balance, visual impairments, pre-existing injuries, recent surgeries, serious illnesses, and mental health illness.

List medical conditions:

Once your application is submitted successfully:

Please call to to pay your application fee by credit card (250-728-3301 ext 221). Alternatively, you may send a cheque, payable to Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre:
University Programs
Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre
100 Pachena Rd,
Bamfield, BC Canada,
V0R 1B0.

Early bird application fee (before March 31st deadline): $50 CAD
Application fee (After March 31st deadline): $75 CAD

We will send you confirmation when your payment is processed and your application is complete.