BMSC Live – Virtual Experiences

Join us for BMSC Live!

Our Education Team will be providing online virtual field trips (for free) over the next few months. Topics will include marine invertebrates, plankton, fish, a trip on the MV Alta, and more.

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Join us as we travel up Grappler Inlet and experience being an oceanographer! Help us collect data for our multi-year study.

Take a look at the Plankton show on our Youtube Channel if you want to discover plankton up close and personal, and find out what happens next!

Thursday May 28th at 2:30 pm PDT.

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June 4, 2:30 pm – What’s living under the docks? Join us for a look at subtidal communities.
June 11, 11:00 am – Live from Eagle Bay – Intertidal Adventure! 
June 18, 2:30 pm – TBA
June 25, 10:00 am – Live from Brady’s Beach!

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Partnering with Ocean Networks Canada

It’s that time of year again! Ocean Networks Canada team will be joining the BMSC crew to conduct maintenance on the cabled observatory at Folger Passage, which delivers real-time data for scientific research. Our Foreshore Crew and Marine Science Educators will be sharing their experiences.

Stay tuned!

Learn more about Ocean Networks Canada and the Folger Passage node!


The BMSC dive team wishes they could take all of you underwater with them but we have the next best thing… Presenting Alta Adventure: Part 2!!!! Using a dredge, we’ll be able to bring all of the neat subtidal species up to the surface so we can show them off through a livestream. Join us to discover lots of unique marine species alongside our marine science educators! Last dredge we focused on the more common organisms; this show will highlight and explore rare species and biodiversity.

Past shows available on YouTube

If you enjoyed our #BMSClive:Plankton show, you’re going to love Plankton Part II – Peculiar Plankton!

While the first show covered the basics of plankton and our more common suspects, this show will uncover the more unusual and rare species!

Past shows available on YouTube

Today, we’ll be heading out on the MV Alta to collect some cool creatures from the bottom of the ocean!

Past shows available on YouTube

Our Marine Science Educators describe the life stories and feeding the fish that live in our display tanks at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre.

Past shows available on YouTube

There’s a whole world of wonder under the water! Join us while we explore the wonderful and wacky world of marine invertebrates

Past shows available on YouTube

While BMSC remains operational with essential staff, we are exploring opportunities to provide new spring/summer course additions and BMSC Live experiences, offered via online teaching and learning, to provide more students with the opportunity to continue progressing through their programs during these times.