Staff Directory

Name Title Phone/E-Mail
Dr. Sean Rogers Director
ext. 403-473-3498
Lee Weber Operations Manager / Deputy Director
ext. 212
Chuck Spooner Assistant to the Deputy Director
ext. 272
Betty Bodaly Accounting Assistant
ext. 211
Shirley Pakula Administrative Assistant
ext. 221
Research Services
Tao Eastham Research Coordinator (Acting)
ext. 255
Tom Campbell Assistant Research Coordinator
ext. 255
Education: University
Dr. Heather Alexander University Programs Coordinator / Communications
ext. 216
Luke Andersson University Programs Coordinator / Equipment
ext. 216
Education: Field Trips
Phil Lavoie Field Trip Coordinator
ext. 226
Kelly Clement Field Trip Coordinator
ext. 226
Animal Care
Kelley Bartlett Coordinator of Animal Care & Ethics
ext. 275
Michelle Ferraby Animal Care Committee Coordinator
ext. 229
Olivia Walker Animal Care Technician
ext. 229
IT Services
Ken Hawkins Systems Administrator
ext. 228
University Programs
ext. 216
David Porter Foreshore Supervisor / Lead Skipper
ext. 224
Siobhan Gray Scientific Diving & Safety
ext. 222
Stacey Hrushowy Skipper
ext. 266
Food Services
Patrick Edmunson Head Chef
ext. 239
Kyle Hancock Sous Chef
ext. 239
Eric Kristjan Cook
Joanne Ebbers Housekeeping Supervisor
ext. 254
Scott Martin (on leave) Maintenance
ext. 272
Frank L’Hereaux Electrician
ext. 223
Ken Bass Maintenance
ext. 223
Patrick McNamara Maintenance
ext. 223
Robert Glencross Maintenance
Adam Larson Maintenance