Many organizations partner with BMSC to contribute to it’s rich and vibrant community.


Ocean Networks Canada

Ocean Networks Canada operates the world-leading NEPTUNE and VENUS cabled ocean observatories, collecting data on physical, chemical, biological, and geological aspects of the ocean over long time periods, supporting research on complex Earth processes in ways not previously possible.

The Bamfield Marine Science Centre provides ongoing logistical support for Ocean Networks Canada operations in Folger Passage and Barkley Sound, including ship and dive-based maintenance on our Folger Pinnacle instrument platform.

Cyamus Regional Group of IAMSLIC

The Cyamus Regional Group of the International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC) encompasses the west coast of North America and Hawaii. Our members represent libraries in academic, governmental and private institutions, providing information services for many areas including: marine and freshwater sciences, oceanography, geology, fisheries, meteorology, education, policy, and more. We share a wide range of skills and expertise from all areas of librarianship.


Huu-ay-aht First Nations

The Huu-ay-aht First Nations (HFN) is a self-governing, modern treaty Nation whose lands are located in the Barclay Sound region on the the west coast of Vancouver Island at the entrance to the Port Alberni inlet.

The Huu-ay-aht envision a strong, self-governing and self-reliant Nation. Iisaak will guide us as we work together to foster a safe, healthy and sustainable community; where our culture, language, spirituality and economy flourish for all.

Bamfield Historical Society

The Bamfield Historical Society partners with BMSC to preserve the local history of Bamfield.

The purpose of the society is:

  • To collect Bamfield historic memorabilia
  • To assist in the archiving of Bamfield historic memorabilia
  • To assist in displaying Bamfield historic memorablia

Nova Harvest

Nova Harvest is an aquaculture company incorporated in 2011 with sights set on becoming the preeminent seed provider to the BC shellfish industry.

Their vision is to apply innovative, science based solutions to support the development of a sustainable shellfish industry, and help it reach full potential. With a broad experience base in the aquaculture industry and an innovative outlook, the Nova Harvest team is well positioned to supply the shellfish industry with a reliable source for high caliber seed.

Bamfield Community School Association

The Bamfield Community School Association’s mission is to build a cohesive community that allows residents of Bamfield, young and old, to achieve the sense of empowerment that comes from community and learning. Our community interactions aim at enhancing, coordinating and creating personal development opportunities in Bamfield, making sure that everyone has access to the learning opportunities they need to fulfill their full potential.

Canadian Kelp Resources

A family owned and operated company, Canadian Kelp resources is dedicated to the development and promotion of quality kelp products and services in the context of good ecological and humanitarian practices. Our products consist of sea vegetables and raw kelp material for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, and kelp seed for kelp farmers.
We also offer consulting on kelp farming, kelp product development and processing, and environmental assessment and bio-remediation.

Music by the Sea

An intimate musical experience in a truly breathtaking setting.

The Rix Centre for Ocean Discoveries features a scallop-shell roof which flares out to the Pacific Ocean with a sheer wall of glass. Superb acoustics and the spectacular view of the West Coast of Vancouver Island’s mystic, bold Pacific behind the performers make this truly the most inspiring venue anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.


Parks Canada – Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Backed by the Vancouver Island Range and facing the open Pacific Ocean, Pacific Rim presents the rich natural and cultural heritage of Canada’s west coast. Its cool and wet maritime climate produces an abundance of life in the water and on land. Lush coastal temperate rainforest gives way to bountiful and diverse intertidal and subtidal areas. These natural wonders are interwoven with the long and dynamic history of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations and European explorers and settlers.

RCMP – West Coast Marine Services

The waters along British Columbia’s coastline are a source of pride for all British Columbians, described by many as rugged, challenging, and awe inspiring. It is this stretch of coastal waters that is home to the RCMP’s West Coast Marine Detachment. Our Marine Unit’s patrol area encompasses an area from Washington State to Alaska, nearly 600 nautical miles in length. The section’s 29 regular members, and 5 support personnel, lend support to 45 Coastal RCMP Detachments, and 8 Municipal Police Services.