Stacey Hrushowy

Telephone: ext. 266

Stacey Hrushowy is a Skipper for BMSC’s large research vessels and an assistant to our foreshore operations. Stacey first came to BMSC as an undergraduate marine biology student (UVic) on a field trip in 2008, took summer courses here in 2010, and returned to work as a Field Trips Marine Science Educator from 2011-2013. She then completed a Master’s of Science in Biology at SFU, conducting marine and lacustrine field studies on the distribution of salmon viruses on BC’s Central Coast. During her graduate studies she couldn’t quite shake the Bamfield bug, and returned as a teaching assistant for summer and fall university courses before finding a more permanent position on the foreshore crew. In her role as Skipper, Stacey is eager to help students and researchers build the skill, awareness, and confidence they need for safe and rewarding pursuits in the marine environment.

 Welcome to the team Stacey!