Your oceanside campus.

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre is a world-class teaching and research facility located on the outer west coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

The Marine Centre supports diverse coastal and marine research of the highest calibre and is recognized as among the very best research and training facilities in the world.

Explore the diversity of this dynamic coastal environment, from exposed rocky shorelines, expansive sandy beaches, productive estuaries, and ancient coastal temperate rainforests.

New research on the genetics of behaviour and biomechanics in fishes at the BMSC

Multiple body parts must work together to accomplish a task. For example, the coordination of visual and locomotor systems is critical for animals that hunt for food. For fishes, both swimming and feedings systems must work together to  capture prey. How this process impacts survival, or how it differs depending on ecological conditions, is…

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Range extension for the region of sympatry between the nudibranchs Hermissenda opalescens and Hermissenda crassicornis in the northeastern Pacific

In the summer of 2016, three students in Marine Ecology armed with curiosity and a love for the ocean started exploring the docks at BMSC and, much to everyone’s surprise, they found something odd – they found a cryptic species of nudibranch that shouldn’t have been there! This simple discovery, which started off as a…

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